Meet Manager for Track and Field

Meet Manager for Track and Field

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NEW: Track & Field Meet Manager 5.0 now available.

Meet Manager for Track & Field (TFMM) can run any track meet in the world and run it well. We have thousands of track and field clients across 100 countries and our system has been used in the USA Olympic Trials as well as tens of thousands of local meets worldwide. Our track software’s user-friendly features are intuitive and flexible, built to save the valuable time of organizers like you. We know every second counts and want to make sure you have everything you need to operate efficiently.

TFMM can run any type of track and field meet, at any level of competition. There’s nothing TFMM can’t do:

  • NEW – Get meet results in real-time from anywhere, at any time with Track Meet Mobile (Meets must be running on Meet Manager 5.0)
  • Seed heats using multiple methods
  • Print heat sheets and performance lists (1, 2, or 3 column)
  • Pull reports on meet entries and entry fees
  • Generate entry cards or labels
  • Create award labels
  • View meet summaries
  • Receive record breaker updates and reports
  • Post real-time results to the Web
  • Save all reports in PDF format
  • Score individual and team points using multiple methods
  • Interface with 16 different timing systems
  • Display multiple brands of alpha-numeric scoreboards


Meet Manager Overview

The Meet Manager Start-Up comes equipped to run a basic all-comers track meet. The track and field software features a comprehensive online help resource, a meet results export tool, full data access, extensive reporting, and support for an unlimited number of records and time standards. Plus, reports are brilliantly designed and give you the flexibility to translate every word and phrase into virtually any language, which can be exported into multiple formats.

With Meet Manager’s unique Run Menu Scoreboard, you are front and center on all the action, with full control over each event and heat. All the information you need is on your screen, allowing you to make instant changes and additions. Quickly manage DQ’s, scratches, late entries, relay names, awards, judge’s decisions, results and more.

Save time and let the track and field program do the organizing for you-you can customize each event with up to four rounds of seeding. Quickly create heat and fight sheets, field event score sheets and meet programs.

Tired of trying to sort out the scoring and seeding for a variety of age groups? Meet Manager’s track software can seed up to 20 age groups together and break out the scoring for you. This is ideal for Masters meets and will save you hours of time!

(Note: USATF and AAU Youth meets do not need the Multi-Age Group option.)

The more complex the event, the easier it is to manage. Meet Manager provides automatic combined event tabulation for decathlon, heptathlon, pentathlon, triathlon and weight pentathlon.

Reward your competitors without creating more work for yourself! Meet Manager can print labels for each athlete based on their place / finish in the meet.

Stay organized with Meet Manager’s ability to print mailing, registration, tag and competitor labels for each athlete.

Put away your calculator! Meet Manager automatically tabulates athletes’ points based on the standard age grading tables developed by WMA.

Take your meet to new levels with Meet Manager’s complete cross country scoring capability. Plus, you can import your registrations from rekeying or double data entry needed!


Meet Manager Advanced Options:

Improve the efficiency of your meet, while giving athletes quick, accurate results. The Photo Finish Interface connects your Meet Manager computer directly to your photo finish computer to exchange start lists and results automatically and electronically. With this option included in your track and field software, you can freely enter results for field events, seed later events, print reports and perform any other administrative task associated with running the meet. No keying in times and no mistakes!

Meet Manager Interfaces directly to the following photo finish systems:

Timing is everything and you can upload and download times quicker than ever before. The Button Finish Interface connects your Meet Manager track software computer directly to your button finish timer for downloading the complete list of times for road races or track meets. The Interface can also handle up to 10 chutes of downloaded times for cross country races. You have the capability to print and scan bar codes that connect to the keyboard port, saving you even more time and reducing the data entry you normally have to do.

Meet Manager interfaces with the following timing systems:

CC/RR & Track Races

  • Time Machine
  • Time Tech Sprint 8
  • Omega Power Time
  • Ultrak L10
  • Daktronics OmniSport 2000

CC/RR Only

  • Chronomix 737
  • Nielsen-Kellerman Interval 2000XC Watch
  • DAG Chips (result .txt files)
  • FinishLynx (result .lif files)
  • AccuChip
  • ClassFive
  • MyLaps

Keep athletes and spectators up-to-date with a scoreboard that quickly displays the most important meet information. The Scoreboard Interface connects Meet Manager’s computer directly to most fixed digit and alphanumeric scoreboard systems. Easily display start lists, heat results, field results, complete results, award ceremony lists and team scores from HY-TEK’s track software, with a click of the mouse.

Meet Manager interfaces with the following scoreboard systems:

  • Colorado Time Systems
  • Daktronics
  • Fairtron
  • Trans-Lux

The Field Event Interface allows your Meet Manager to exchange data with FinishLynx’s FieldLynx system and with the Swiss Track & Field Package (TFP) system. Both use a network file sharing system to exchange start lists and results. The FieldLynx Interface can also communicate via serial port to a Palm Pilot running the FieldLynx software.

With Meet Manager Pro Network, administrators, coaches and clerks have access to one central database that stores every piece of information. No more annoying miscommunications or disorganized data! This multi-user option allows up to nine users to share the same database. Delegation has never been so easy. For example, four computers can input results from different locations in the stadium, two other stations can handle check-ins, scratches and seeds, and three stations can be designated to print reports and labels. Your track and field program will have greater flexibility when running your meets and will resolve the common problems of communicating changes from clerks to result operators, in addition to quickly providing information to the media.

The Meet Manager Pro Network option also includes the ability to upload current heat/flight and event results directly to your website as the meet is underway. There is no need to create a single line of HTML code. You only need to connect one of the networked computers to the Internet and create a link on your website that points to the folder where your results are uploaded. It’s convenient meet results appear in real-time-athletes, parents, coaches and officials can simply go online to watch the meet in progress!

  • FinishLynx
  • FlashTiming
  • Omega Hawk Eye
  • Eagle Eye
  • MacFinish
  • Omega Star
  • ClassFive
Meet Manager 5.0 Packages – New!

Meet Manager 5.0 has arrived and offers over 45 new features, promising to change the way you run your meets! TFMM 5.0 is packaged differently than previous versions of Meet Manager. Instead of picking from a list of Meet Manager options, you now can choose from three Meet Manager packages:

TFMM Basic, including the Seeding feature
Bronze Package + Cross Country / Road Race and Multi-Age Group features
Silver + All Standard Options

When you upgrade to TFMM 5.0, you will automatically be upgraded to the package consistent with the options you already have in your current Meet Manager product. For example, if you already have the Combined Event option, when you upgrade to TFMM 5.0 you will automatically receive the Gold Package that includes all 5 standard options.

The Meet Manager for Track & Field software may be licensed in the following ways:


Club, Team, or School License

This is our most popular License option and allows a Club, Team, or School to run any meet that is HOSTED BY (at their home facility) and COMPETED IN by that club, school, or team. For example, if Meet Manager is licensed to Central High School, the software may be used to run all of the home dual meets at Central High School as well as any invitational meets that are sponsored by and participated in by the Central High School Track & Field Team. Please note that a club and school team must have their own license even if they swim at the same site and have the same head coach. Additionally, and as an example, if the software is licensed to an AAU or USATF club, that software cannot be used to run a College or High School meet even if some members of the club are competing in the College or High School meet.


Championship Meet License

This License option allows the software to be used to run one specific championship meet each year. A typical use of this License option would be to run the State Championship meet that is rotated among different High Schools each year. If the software is licensed to a League’s Championship Meet, that software may NOT be used to run the Dual Meets or Divisionals for that league.

Having a Championship Meet license requires the Licensee to submit via email to the date of the meet each year. When this information is received a web download will be emailed to the Licensee for that year. If a CD is needed a product replacement should be purchased through our online store. When a license is being upgraded a CD will be sent at no charge for that order.


Site License

A facility may want to order Meet Manager and use it for all the meets that are run at that one facility – USATF, Masters/Veterans, High School, College, etc. However, the site licensed software is not to be distributed to entering teams to facilitate their data entry. The Site License option requires an annual subscription fee.


Organizational License

A Track & Field Organization may want to order MM and use it for up to a maximum of four (4) Championship meets ONLY. An Organizational license may not be used for club or school hosted meets. An example of an Organizational License might be for a Province or State running their 3 or 4 provincial or state championship meets. The Organizational License option requires an annual subscription fee.


Specific Restrictions

The single user software may NOT be distributed to run separate meets at separate sites for subsets of one organization. For example, if there are four district meets advancing to a state championship, this requires five licenses unless one of the districts is also running the championship meet in which case four licenses would be required.